Big and Doc discover our world

Big and Doc are two lovable friends who join you whenever you visit a Moonz es ortodoncia clinic. We have talked about them on some of our other blog posts, but we have never told you their story: how we came to discover them, or rather how they came to discover us!

These curious characters come from the Earth’s second moon, a magical world beyond imagination that can only be reached through the fantasy and creativity of little children.

It is pretty obvious that Big and Doc are not human (one look gives them away), but they are just as curious as we are. They love to watch us and learn from us, which why they come to our world so often. They enjoy traveling from planet to planet through “Crayola” holes: magical gateways that they create by drawing colourful circles. The different holes are connected by twisty slides that connect one place with another.

Have you ever noticed them before? If you are as observant as our little friends are, we are sure you know where they are, and the next time you come, you can find more and more. Come and play with us. As a smart detective, we are sure you’ll find the magical circles that mark the way into our Moonz es ortodoncia clinics.

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