“I love working with the little ones, and parents have peace of mind knowing that we are keeping an eye on them”

Alicia - Moonz is orthodonticsMy name is Alicia. I have been working in the reception of the Fuengirola clinic for four years now, and I love it! It’s almost more fun than a job! Every day brings a new experience, surrounded by a wonderful team of specialists and the best patients ever: the children.

Yes, I’ll admit, I love working with children. In fact, that was what motivated me to come here in the first place. My friend María Carmen, now my co-worker, used to tell me about her day-to-day experiences at Moonz es ortodoncia, and I fell in love with the way they worked and treated their patients. So, one day I told her, “Mari Carmen, I want to work there.” And the rest is history!

Now, four years later, I can confirm exactly what I was thinking back then. My job at the reception desk gives me direct contact with our patients, and the little ones are the best! I love hearing about their battles, taking part in their games, watching them have fun… It is very fulfilling.

Their parents have peace of mind knowing that we are always keeping an eye on them and take care of everything. At Moonz, we have a high regard for personal effort, be it at home, helping with chores, eating your fruits and vegetables and making sure to brush your teeth or at the clinic by coming on time or going along with the treatment plan. That’s why we reward good behaviour with points that can be traded in for presents. The children love it!

Our goal is to anticipate the needs of parents and children, and we invest a lot of affection and enthusiasm towards it. However, the best and most surprising thing is that the patients end up reciprocating with twice as much affection. They show it in little details and sweet gestures. I even got the honour of writing a dedication in one of our patient’s first communion book! It is so moving that they share these special moments with us!

I would also like to say that orthodontics is very important; its value goes far beyond having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Timely orthodontics can also prevent serious bone conditions and thwart more critical problems. That being the case, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to bring their children in for their first orthodontic check-up before their seventh birthday.

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