“I never imaged that an orthodontic clinic could be so fun”

Hi, my name is Ana Cantalejo, but everyone calls me Anita. I have been working at the reception in Fuengirola for several months now. I am very happy, because I love my job, a place where I can live out one of my great passions: listening to, talking to and laughing with children. I think children are wonderful. They make you feel so full of life and enthusiasm, and with them, you never stop learning or cease to be surprised. Plus, I’m surrounded by a fabulous team of professionals who are wonderful to work with. What more could you ask for?

The first time I came to Moonz, I couldn’t help but feel surprised. I never imagined that an orthodontic clinic could be so fun, and I’m not just talking about the decoration. It’s also the day-to-day experiences, the good atmosphere with my co-workers and especially all that happens with our patients. They are so sweet and fun to be around! The emotional side of it all is so good that I feel grateful to work here, surrounded by such special people.

If you know me, you know that I’m cheerful and extraverted. Because of my accent, some of you may have noticed that I’m not originally from Malaga – though I’ve been here for more than 10 years – but from a small village in Cadiz. As a true native of Cadiz, I love the sea, so in the afternoon, I usually go for a jog at the seafront. Physical activity is healthy, and even more so in such a beautiful place that fills you with energy. A bad day turns itself around in a heartbeat when you go for a walk there. If you haven’t tried it, you must!

I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce myself and to encourage you to engage in healthy activities that you enjoy, because that is the best way to ensure good health. I think that orthodontics is about more than just appearance. It is an investment in health. It may seem like it is just about the mouth, but it is actually about overall well-being. It helps you chew better and in the process enjoy better nutrition. It also promotes better breathing, improving your sleep and pronunciation. My time at Moonz has helped me discover the importance of proper treatment to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

I hope to be a part of the Moonz es ortodoncia family for a long time, because I enjoy my time with all of you. Thank you.

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