Moonz continues to prescribe health in family channels

A few weeks ago we told you about media coverage of Moonz as a health and orthodontics leader, particularly in CharHadas, a social network specialising in children and families, and a leader in its sector. Again, “Moonz is orthodontics” is present in this digital channel, this time to answer questions about the consequences of sucking persistently on the thumb or pacifier.

Dr Javier Girón de Velasco explains the potential effects of this habit: “which is certainly not good. Even though it doesn’t have much impact on some people due to their genetic conditions, it does have serious impact on others: for example, children who have a narrow palate, protruding teeth, receding jaw, and a number of skeletal problems which are later hard to treat.” Luckily, as our orthodontics specialist says, “they can be corrected, but require a certain effort at an early age”. For this reason, we at Moonz encourage families to prevent these bad habits and promote healthy behaviours.

What is better: the pacifier or the thumb?
“From a preventive point of view, the pacifier is better than the thumb, as you can take the pacifier away, while the thumb becomes a long-term habit, which may even survive into adulthood” says Dr Girón de Velasco. In babies, this sucking habit is an inborn instinct, which becomes less frequent as they grow. But if it persists after the child is 2-4 and the baby teeth have appeared, it can lead to dental malocclusion, such as those described by our specialist.

Moreover, as the child grows he or she can be met with social rejection, and so removing the habit is advisable for the child’s physical and emotional health. “In orthodontics there is a number of devices which help children to overcome the pleasant feeling they obtain from sucking on their thumbs, encouraging children to break the habit”, says Dr Javier Girón de Velasco. If your child has this problem, please don’t hesitate to discuss the most advisable therapeutic solutions with our specialists. Moonz is orthodontics is here to help you!

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