Our Patients Also Want to Play Paddle!

If you are regular readers, you will have noticed that we love paddle! Actually, we like any physical activity that is healthy and fun, and that’s why we sponsor equestrian and paddle competitions. But this time we didn’t come up with the idea: it was our own patients who asked us. 5 months after the start of the Moonz Inter-School Paddle League, on 22 April we will be launching a new competition, in which, in addition to League players, our own patients can take part: the Moonz Inter-School Paddle Cup.

We listened to your idea: thank you, we love it, and we specially love your enthusiasm! More than thirty players have registered so far! We are very excited about the warm welcome that this competition has had, and must confess that we are pleasantly surprised.

We have established several age and sex categories so that everybody who wants to play has the chance to do so.   

–                Benjamín: 8-9 y.o.

–                Alevín: 10-11 y.o

–                Infantil: 12-13 y.o.

–                Cadete: 14-15 y.o.

–                Junior: 16-17 y.o.

The first game will take place this Saturday at the Reebok Sport Club, whe

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