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“Reading is to the Mind What Exercise is to the Body”

Yesterday was International Book Day, and we wanted to celebrate such an important date by recommending a good read, which is a healthy habit that we love. That’s why we would like to remember a book collection that is very well known by some parents, as the cartoon series in which it originated was broadcast in the 80s:  Once Upon a Time… Life. A TV channel is now broadcasting the entire first season. A good leisure option for the entire family!

For those who don’t know it yet, these are easy-to-understand didactic books, with fun drawings that explain aspects of our body and its diseases, which encourage healthy habits:   correct hygiene, exercise, and healthy eating. It’s a journey into our bodies, answering such questions as: Why do we cough? Why do we hiccough? Which is the hardest part of our body? How much saliva do we produce? All these questions and many more are answered – and we can now answer the last two questions. We produce one to two litres of saliva a day! And the hardest material in our body is – our tooth enamel! But we shouldn’t drop our guard because it can be damaged by tooth decay.

Even though the series was created more than 25 years ago, it never goes out of style, as the spin-off books have been reprinted more than a dozen times. Many parents will still fondly remember Teacher and his friends as their best science teachers. That’s why today we would like to encourage children to discover it, because, as Don Quixote said: “He who reads much and walks much sees much and knows much”. At Moonz, we subscribe the wise hidalgo’s healthy advice: Walk and read so you can see and kno

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