Toothpaste, a Modern Invention?

Toothpaste is part of our everyday dental hygiene, but have you ever thought about when it first appeared? More than 2,400 years ago! Its composition was found written in a papyrus in Ancient Egypt: it was a mixture of salt, pepper, mint leaves, and flowers, called clyster.

The Egyptians weren’t the only Ancient peoples who used odd mouthwashes to take care of their mouths. In Ancients Rome, a key element was human urine! Luckily, we have made some progress since then.

In ancient times, abrasive dentifrices were very frequent, mixing honey with eggshells or crushed shells, or even pumice stone and animal hooves!  It wasn’t until the 19th century when their use became widespread, although not always with good results, as chalk, brick, and burnt bread were usual items in their composition. One of the best-selling dentifrices was the Email Diamant Rouge toothpaste, which made gums redder, creating a greater contrast, hence its alleged whitening properties. Even more stunning was the Doramad radioactive toothpaste still manufacture in the mid-20th century in Germany – yes, radioactive, because nuclear fashion reached toiletries as well!

This is a short summary of some history factoids which show that people have always had aesthetic and health concerns all over the world. Although it’s true that some of these inventions now seem crazy and extremely unpleasant to us, we have left them behind. You can now find in the market a wide range of toothpastes and mouthwashes. Using them on a daily basis and healthy eating are the best way to take care of your mout

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