Course for Parents

On 20 October, we taught a course for parents at the auditorium of the Nisa Hospital in Aravaca “in response to the many concerns and questions we hear from parents. It was a very positive initiative,” reports Dr. Sada.

The course, which was organized by Dr. Sada and by paediatrician Dr. María Jesús Pascual, responded to all the questions posed by the parents in attendance and also discussed issues related to the health, preventative care and development of their children. Moonz’ focus was to explain the health and development of the teeth and face, nutritional guidelines, habits like thumb sucking, what to do when a child breaks a tooth, when to take away the pacifier, how to achieve more healthy teeth and many other questions from those in attendance, all using clear, easy-to-follow concepts.

“We were very well received, and moving forward, we plan to do a course for parents three times a year,” says Dr. Sada

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