Big and Doc go to school

With the help of all our Moonz patients, Big and Doc have made their final decision on where they want to study. Why did they decide to go to school? What advantages are there to going to school? What schools are they going to attend?

School, a place to meet friends! Big and Doc think that children who have experienced school, especially those that begin at an early age, tend to develop good relationships with others. That is, they find it easier to get on well with other children and join groups of friends.

They don’t want to stay at home! Not only because they would get bored, but Big and Doc believe that by going to school, children will learn to interact with many different people, get used to new situations and, in general, will be more secure and independent than children who stay at home.

They want to get good marks! Developing social and communicative skills with other children will have a positive effect on their studies and as a result, their self-esteem.

All the results that they get at school, both academically and socially, will shape Big and Doc’s behaviour in their respective environments. The school itself, in this way, becomes a socialisation agent where the child will pick up social rules and learn how to behave with and towards others.

After several weeks of voting in our Moonz centres, the schools selected are:

 Moonz la Zarzuela: Kensington School

 Moonz la Moraleja: Highland

 Moonz Fuengirola: Campanales / María Zambrano

 Moonz Fulham: Francis Holland School

We are sure that Big and Doc will learn a lot and will make good friends at these schools!

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