Aid to Africa

The final numbers are in! Now we would like to share the result of all the points collected during our month of solidarity. As we told you, the children would donate their points to benefit Harambee, an initiative that helps underprivileged children in Africa.

When they begin their treatment, the children are given a points card, on which they accumulate points that can be redeemed for gifts. But once again, Moonz patients have shown that they have enormous, generous hearts brimming with solidarity. Instead of wanting to get a football, a stuffed animal or a board game, they have donated their points, so that they can be converted into cash and donated to Harambee. If you remember, 30 points were worth one euro, and 100 points one euro in Malaga. Do you know how many points we collected in the end? 89,353 points!!! Or in other words, 2047.47 euros donated by our patients. To this amount, we will also add what we have collected from our Facebook fans. We at Moonz are very proud of all of our patients, who have once again demonstrated their desire to help others.

Many thanks to all! Together, we’ve all been able to do our part.

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