Interview with Dr. Sada

“I hope the business keeps on growing and that I never leave London”

Interview with Dr. Sada for “El Ibérico,” the Spanish newspaper in London. 

Myriam Sada García-Lomas, orthodontist and Madrid native, came to London several months ago to expand her family business, an orthodontic clinic offering “innovative treatments.” She explains that the children, her main customers, “are so happy to come to the clinic that they don’t want to leave.” She feels so good in the British capital that she hardly misses Spain. “There may not be much sun,” she says, “but the range of leisure activities is like nowhere else.”

How long have you been in London?
We’ve been open since September 2012, but it took us two years to get the project started.

Why did you decide to come to the UK?
I felt like we had something to say in the world of dentistry in London. It is a fascinating city and is brimming with opportunities.

Where did you begin your career?
I started out in 1981 in the clinic of my father, Víctor Sada. After earning a degree in medicine from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I went on to study stomatology at the Universidad Complutense and do a postgraduate degree in dentistry at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. After several years, I completed my training with Dr. Ronald Roth of San Francisco (USA) and embarked on a clinic project, which ultimately led me to found Moonz, a family dentistry company with more than 40 people who work hard to make our patients feel better and better. We have three clinics in Spain and opened Moonz Fulham, our first in London, in September 2012.

What do you have planned for the clinic in the upcoming months?
We are full of projects and enthusiasm. The first thing we would like to do is get our name out there, work well, give quality treatments – a point that sets us apart from other clinics – and make sure our patients are happy. Our goal is to grow and open other clinics in other areas of London.

What are the best and worst things about London?
The best thing is the city’s power, its diversity, the activity that abounds in it and the possibilities it offers. The worst is definitely the weather!

Do you associate with the Spanish community or have you established yourself in British society?
My initial contacts were with the Spanish community, but little by little, my circle is growing, and we are getting to know British society.

How long do you plan to stay here?
Our intention is to stay a long time. Or to say it in other words, we don’t plan to leave.

What is your favourite place to pass the time?
I love to stroll down the pedestrian street in Little Venice.

Where are most of your customers from?
The children are Spanish, Italian, French, German, English, etc. The English are mostly adults, but little by little, they are coming to understand the importance of getting treatment early on.

What makes your clinic different from other clinics?
The major leap in dentistry over the last 15 years has been discovering and studying the astounding results of treatment at an early age. With this in mind, we wanted to open a clinic for children. Our clinics specialize in children. We created a special world for them full of positive experiences. We try to give them memorable experiences during their treatment and help reinforce fundamental values in life.
The quality of the care, the innovation, the new techniques, being up to date and the training of our staff are, of course, all crucial as well, but what really sets us apart are our patients’ experiences and the emotional bonds we build. The children are so happy to come to the clinic that – though it may be hard to believe – they don’t want to leave.

Are being Spanish and competing against British clinics a handicap?
I am not scared of that, and I do not think it is a handicap. It is a challenge that I am excited to face head on. Spanish dentists have excellent training. We do first-rate dentistry, and we are very up to date in all the latest advances in our field.

And the quality of life in London…
I think the quality of life is very good. You work a lot, but there are many options available for your free time.

What do you miss about Spain?
Honestly, very little. I go back and forth between Madrid and London, so I hardly have time to miss anything. If I only lived in London, I think I’d find everything here but the sun.

It is a family business, but with your experiences here, would you recommend emigrating to London to other dentists?
It is a family business with a key nuance. It is a family business in that my children and husband are crucial parts of the business; however, we believe in making the company as professional as possible by bringing in the best talent. In London, we are lucky enough to have Dr. Ángela Gómez Tembleque, who makes very significant contributions to the Fulham clinic. To grow and take major steps like opening a clinic in London, I think you need to be surrounded by the best possible staff. We have done that, and we are thrilled. So, yes, I would definitely recommend other dentists to strike out on the same path we have.

How would you describe your experience so far?
Very positive. It has definitely been a lot of work but also very exciting. Taking on a project like this is tremendously stimulating, and I feel proud to have started it.

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