An amazing story of friendship!

This is a beautiful story of friendship between Allie and Doc, an essay wonderfully written by Anabel, a very talented moonziana with infinite imagination. At Moonz we are delighted with the story and eager to know how it will continue …

When Allie came with me, we went together to play tennis. Then she came to Martin´s house to play with us. We had lot of fun! In the evening I introduced Allie to Buzz Light Year and they talked about their stellar life. Then they fell asleep amongst the planets of my room.

The next day Allie came with me to the dentist and suddenly saw a picture of … an alien who looked a lot like Allie! What a coincidence! 

Doc was the name of this alien, he was a hairy and very handsome boy! Doc worked at the dental clinic and as soon as he saw Allie, he ran to her!!! All the dentists came to see that moment and they couldn´t believe it. They both walked around the clinic and we took lots of pictures of them … They seemed very happy together!!! My brother says they are couple …


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