Moonz is at the forefront of orthodontics!

The 8th International Orthodontic Congress was recently held in London. The Moonz group took part with three clinical research projects, presented and defended by Doctors Maite Barbero, Cecilia Nieto and Mencía Girón de Velasco.

Our desire to be at the forefront of orthodontics means that not only our patients, but also our colleagues see us as a benchmark. Innovation and excellence in each treatment are values that form the foundation for the work in all our centres.

Dr. Maite Barbero, Director of Moonz Bilbao, who attended this international event accompanied by the Moonz medical team, tells us about her experience: “It was an incredible experience. Our participation at the World Orthodontics Congress (organised by the World Federation of Orthodontists) this year in London was of crucial importance since it allowed us come into contact with the best orthodontists and scientists in the field today, and therefore offer our patients state-of-the-art orthodontic advice”

The cases presented at the Congress were based on the clinical research work carried at Moonz centres, and were as follows:
– The treatment of included canines (when canines are left inside the bone and do not emerge for various reasons such as lack of space)
– The study of different apparatus for the early treatment of Class II malocclusion (when the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth)
– The benefits of early treatment in  children with Class III malocclusion (when the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth).

We are very proud that our work was selected for inclusion at this Congress which encourages us to continue at the forefront of orthodontics and carry on innovating and researching, striving for excellence in the services we offer to our patients.

ortodoncia-londres-moonz-congresoIn the photo, from left to right, Dr. Nieto, Dr. Giron de Velasco, Dr. Giron de Velasco, Dr. Ballester, Dr. Sada and Dr. Barbero

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