Importancia del flúor en los niños. Importance of fluoride for children

Importance of fluoride for children

Fortunately, there are many parents who are worried about their kids´ dental health. They make sure that their kids maintain correct hygienic habits on a daily basis.

The first thing to take into account is to instill the responsibility for children to have correct habits, since at home is the place where they should acquire a proper routine and where they should learn the importance of good oral hygiene. Here is where the question arises whether, next to brushing, the fluoride treatment for children should be implemented.

The role of teachers is also fundamental for promoting dental care for children, since at school they can be motivated to maintain good dental hygiene through activities that explain the importance of fluoride for children and the importance of daily teeth brushing.

Fluoride for children is essential as it is one of the most common methods to prevent oral wear and tear: fluoride acts as a protective agent and prevents diseases such as caries in your children’s mouths.

The importance of fluoride for children: what is it and what is fluoride good for

Fluoride is a natural element which is present in ingredients that are being consumed daily by children, such as fish, spinach, wheat, rice or grapes. It is also present in many oral toothpastes and even in water.

It is useful to know that the consumption of fluoride in the oral cleaning of children will help them to strengthen their teeth and prevent caries. Fluoride acts in a very effective way on children’s teeth, since once it comes into contact with the hydroxyapatite of the teeth enamel, fluoride slows down its demineralization, which favors its remineralization and makes the teeth stronger and more resistant. Therefore, it is important for children to realize a fluoride treatment.

Advantages of fluoride and the children´s dental cleansing

The European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (EAPD) points out the importance of fluoride of children in the following aspects:

  • It reduces the preemption of the caries
  • It stops enamel demineralization (most outer part of the tooth)
  • Fluoride slows down the first stages of tooth decay
  • It strengthens tooth enamel

In addition to the importance of fluoride for children, it is advisable that they brush their teeth three times a day, after each main meal. As a matter of fact, the same should be also done by adults. Although fluoride has great dental benefits for children’s health, we must be careful with the amounts we give them and pay attention that they do not swallow it.

At what age should we start applying fluoride to children´s teeth?

Children’s teeth need to be cleaned once the first once start to appear. Using a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste is very important for children to maintain good oral health. The importance of fluoride for children and its use varies according to their age. It is also very important to choose a toothpaste with the most adequate amount of fluoride according to the stage which our children are in.

Children with the age between 0 and 3 have to use an amount of toothpaste in the size of grain of rice, so a very minimum amount of fluoride should be consumed.

Children’s toothpastes with concentrations of less than 1000 ppm fluoride do not protection against dental caries.

Children with the age between 3 and 6 have to use an amount of toothpaste in the size of a pea. This amount is safe even if swallowed. However, it is best to teach your child to spit out excess toothpaste and rinse it off.

Next to the daily use of fluoride toothpaste, dentists will occasionally recommend performing fluoride coating to children. This is primarily determined by the child’s risk for caries.

Fluoride coating is a treatment in which the dentist applies fluoride on the top and sides of the teeth to prevent them from decay. This treatment is very effective for children to maintain healthy teeth and gums and good dental health. This is primarily determined by the child’s risk for caries.

At Moonz we teach you the importance of fluoride for children in our clinics specialized in children

At Moonz´ clinics we don’t only explain you the importance of fluoride for children, but we also offer children-specialized dental services. It is important that your kids go to a dentist, and it is even better if the dentist is specialized children’s dental healthcare and operates in an environment where children feel as comfortable as possible.

Moonz is a group of international clinics that are specialized in children´s orthodontics. In our Moonz Clinics we have the vocation to provide the highest quality service to our patients so that both children and parents will go through an unforgettable experience. At Moonz we seek excellence every day. We have a team of dentists specialized in children’s orthodontics who offer children the best care for their teeth beyond the importance of fluoride for children. Consult our nearest center and call us by phone 916 585 089 or send us an email to contacto@moonz.es.

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