Centro de ortodoncia para niños. Orthodontic center for children

Orthodontic center for children

Do you know any child who likes to go to the dentist? We all remember that going to the dentist as a kid was totally frightening. Most children still fear the dentist these days. But imagine taking your kids to a children’s orthodontic center that makes it actually fun for everyone. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And the best thing is that it is possible. Our clinics are specially designed for children to lose their fear of the dentist and see it as a new adventure and experience.

At our orthodontic center for children in Moonz, we want parents’ smiles to be a reflection of their children’s smiles. For this reason, we guarantee the smile of the youngest members of the family from the moment they walk through our door. In our centers we focus on the children so that their visit becomes an adventure and a game, where they can have fun, make friends and learn healthy dental habits.

Moonz is the favorite clinic for the little ones of the house and their parents because our entire team is specialized in pediatric dentistry, making children and their dental problems the heroes of this adventure.

Early detection of problems in your children’s mouth at our orthodontic center for children.

Once we have gained the trust of our youngest patients thanks to the environment of our children-focused orthodontic center designed to make them feel totally comfortable, comes the most important part of our work: applying our treatments for each of our patients.

For us it is very important that children come to our clinics from a very young age, so that we can give them a much completer and more specific follow-up. Therefore, a first check-up is essential for our dentists to get to know your children’s mouth.

This first visit is for detecting dental problems at an early stage such as malocclusions or incorrect oral habits resulting from prolonged use of pacifiers, thumb sucking, bruxism, etc. Our team of specialists will detect an early problem that should be corrected immediately, taking advantage of their growth. In case no problems arise, we will simply monitor the patient periodically for a treatment that can be necessary in the future.

Your children’s teeth may appear to be beautiful and aligned, but there is a possibility that there are bone problems in the jaws that can be prevented in time and correctly by a Moonz dentist. Thanks to a correct diagnosis at an early age, we provide a healthy and esthetic smile at our orthodontic center that will last for the rest of your child’s life.

Many orthodontic problems that we find in our patients can be prevented and / or redirected. To do this, it is essential that the first check-up with the orthodontist will take place when the child begins to develop, before the palate has been soldered and still has an area of cartilage.

Treatment in two phases at our children orthodontic center

To correct the problems described above, we offer at our children orthodontic center a two-phase treatment. In the first phase, our team will perform a review so that the specialist can detect and proceed, if necessary, to carry out treatment´s first phase, which prevents or redirects future problems in children between 6 and 9 years.

The second phase is carried out when our children’s jaws stop growing and the palate is soldered, between 9 and 12 years of age. Phase II begins with the objective of properly placing each dental piece. This phase can be developed once the children have reached 12 years of age.

Once the patients’ teeth have changed from milk teeth to permanent teeth, we can also proceed to perform orthodontic treatment for children in cases where it is necessary. Orthodontics at an early age has many advantages as our dentists are be able to correct the facial bones and habits that arise from the gum, as well as create space for all the teeth to fit.

Another advantage of children´s orthodontics is the correction through simple treatments of serious problems that might become more complex treatments later on. There is also the possibility to improve the face growth and obtain a better facial aesthetic harmony and performing treatment without extractions of teeth.

The best orthodontic center for children can be found at Moonz

If you are looking for an orthodontic center for children, at Moonz we are recommended in pediatric dentistry in Madrid. We offer a quality service focused on the health and well-being of the youngest members of the family. Many of our little patients have lost their fear of coming to the dentist and now come to us with a smile on their face. Our dental clinics for children are specially designed for the youngest ages, with modern and innovative treatments for the dental health of your children.

Visit us at any of our clinics in Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga and London. We will offer you all the information you need about your child´s dental care, performing an individualized treatment adapted to your possibilities and a high rate of satisfaction. Moonz is much more than a dentist, it is the orthodontic center for children that kids want to go to.

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