Tratamientos dentales para niños. Dental treatments for children

Dental treatments for children

Parents are more concerned about their children’s overall and dental health than their own. When it comes to keeping children’s mouths healthy, oral health habits are a must such as brushing three times a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist every 6 months to assess the need for dental treatments for children.

In addition to good habits at home, some dental treatments for children can prevent dental diseases at an early age. At our Moonz children’s orthodontic centers we have the best solutions for children’s teeth such as children’s orthodontics or the two-phase treatment.

Dental treatments for children: children orthodontics

If your child has crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, it is advisable to come to Moonz clinics and our orthodontic expert look in detail at their oral and facial development. There is no recommended age to start children’s orthodontics, but rather pathologies or problems that our specialists will analyze before starting the most appropriate treatment for the patient and at the ideal time.

When asking yourself if your children need any of these treatments, you should know that each child is different, so there is no exact age related to the development and growth of the teeth of the little ones. However, our dentists recommend that the first visit to the orthodontist should be at the age of 6. This is because in this age period the occlusion or the denture of children is established, as the first permanent molars begin to emerge, which complete the development of the teeth.

What are the advantages of children orthodontics?

Pediatric orthodontics (or dentofacial orthopedics) has become one of the most important dental treatments for children, since it is easier to correct poorly developed or growing teeth at an early age, before malocclusion sets in. In addition to this, one of the advantages of this treatment is the possibility of being able to correct the bones of the mouth and create the necessary space for all the teeth to fit.

Thanks to children’s orthodontics, more serious or harmful health problems can be corrected through simple dental treatments for children. This also makes it more favorable for the facial growth to achieve better facial aesthetics.

Dental treatments for children: the two-phased treatment

Often, it is best to divide dental treatments for children such as orthodontics into two phases since there are some modifications that can only be accomplished at a young age before the bone of the jaws fully developed.

Receiving dental treatment for children at an early age can prevent the extraction of permanent teeth later in life or the need for surgical procedures to realign the jaws. The two-phased treatment makes room for all permanent teeth and improves the way the jaw fits into our face.

What does the two-phased treatment consist of?

In the first phase, an early check-up is performed, in which the specialist can detect and proceed, if necessary, to start dental treatment to solve future problems. The first phase can be applied to children with an age between 6 and 9 years.

If the first phase of the treatment is postponed, more invasive treatment may be necessary in the future, and it may cost more to fix your child’s smile. Therefore, when necessary, early treatment is more effective in achieving long-lasting results.

During this first phase the growth of the permanent teeth is monitored, and the use of nighttime retainers is recommended to allow the teeth to erupt properly.

Once the children are between 9 and 12 years old, the second phase of dental treatment for children will begin. In this case is the correct placement of each of the teeth, if necessary.

In both phases there are periodic appointments to see how the treatment is evolving so that it is 100% effective, obtaining the best result.

The best dental treatments for children can be found at Moonz.

If you are worried about the orofacial health of your children, at Moonz we will solve it, thanks to the fact that we have the best team of orthodontic specialists, as well as offering the best dental treatments for children.

Visit us at any of our clinics in Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga and London. We will give you all the information you need and explain what children’s orthodontics and the two-phase treatment consists of. Moonz is much more than a dentist, it is the orthodontic center for children, where the youngest of the house want to go see the dentist because our clinics are prepared for children to feel like they are in a game and are not afraid of the dentist.

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