Pediatric Dentistry

“A smile is for life” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times. As responsible adults, we usually pay attention to our dental hygiene, brush and floss frequently. When we have kids, we may not be as strict with oral hygiene, especially if they have baby teeth. The general belief is that eventually those teeth will fall out. And it is true, but what we sometimes do not know is that from childhood onwards we must take special care with the teeth, and to treat the special problems of the little ones it is best to go to a clinic specializing in pediatric dentistry.

Why is pediatric dentistry necessary?

To begin with, from the earliest childhood it is important to teach and educate your kids about proper dental hygiene habits. As parents, proper dental care will ensure that the teeth remain healthy, thus avoiding cavities and other dental problems that can be prevented with cleaning and dental hygiene. And if it is a baby whose teeth have not yet erupted, it is important to wipe the gums with a clean, damp gauze.

As soon as the teeth erupt, it is essential for your child to get used to an age-appropriate toothbrush. The question then is, when should I take my child to the children’s dentist? The answer is: as soon as the first tooth appears. For this there is a specialty in dentistry, which is pediatric dentistry. The pediatric dentist is the health professional you should go to for proper care of your kids’ dental health. Pediatric dentists are trained to take care of very young children, they will give you important advice on how to maintain the dental health of your little ones and will suggest treatments if necessary.

Children’s dentists or clinics specializing in pediatric dentistry are characterized by being friendly and fun places for the little ones. In this way they discover that going to the dentist is not something they should be afraid of, but that it will always be a pleasant and fun experience. In addition, at the end of the consultation the child is usually given a prize for good behavior that will help them learn about dental hygiene.

Where to find a good pediatric dentistry

If you are looking for a children’s dentist, at Moonz you will find pediatric dentistry professionals who are specially trained to treat children carefully. Their goal is for your kids to have a healthy smile and in order to achieve this they will perform prevention, diagnosis and appropriate treatment, whether your son or daughter has a cavity, inflamed gums or even a broken tooth, our professionals will be responsible for returning that happy smile they deserve.

Within pediatric dentistry it is advisable to monitor the evolution of their teeth and that the teeth have a correct eruption. So, any questions you have regarding the health and dental care of your children, we will solve it.

In a visit to the pediatric dentist, the most important thing will always be prevention to avoid later problems when you are an adolescent or adult. Prevention is fundamental in the oral health of all children, but even if there are already detected problems, it is better to correct them in time and correctly in a pediatric dentistry clinic like Moonz.

Within pediatric dentistry we find pediatric orthodontics to correct teeth problems from an early age and that will not worsen on a later age. Thanks to children’s orthodontics, space is created for the teeth, the facial bones are corrected, simpler treatments are performed than those you would do as an adult and better facial harmony and aesthetics are achieved. At Moonz we have our two-phase orthodontic treatment, perfect for your children to reach adolescence with the perfect smile.

Moonz, the best dentist for children

You are probably wondering how often you should visit the pediatric dentist and the answer is that you should visit every 6 months. The pediatric dentist teaches you how to brush your child’s teeth properly, as well as how to floss and other important details of dental care. If your child has started orthodontic treatment, the visits will be determined by the treatment.

Now you may be wondering where to find Moonz pediatric dentistry clinics. At Moonz we have dental health professionals who specialize in children. Of course, we have pediatric dentists who will be your best allies so that your children’s teeth are always healthy. From caries problems to malocclusion, request an appointment to evaluate your child’s oral health. Click on the corresponding button on our website and find your Moonz center in Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga and London. Our clinics not only have the best professionals and dental treatments, but they are also spaces adapted to children so that going to the dentist is a game for them and they feel super comfortable. Because not just any dentist is good enough for your child, bring them to Moonz.

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