tratamiento de ortodoncia en verano. orthodontic treatment in summer

Start an orthodontic treatment in summer: the best moment

Summer is here! And brings a lot of activities and plans, from family holidays and camping trips to swimming on the beach, pool or just playing hours and hours with friends. Children have many things to do during vacations, and maybe you haven´t consider that start an orthodontic treatment in summer is the best moment to do it.

The arrival of summer brings the long vacations for our children and a lot of hours and free time that we must complete. In summer, children must rest and have fun, but also is a good time for beef up any aspect, learn new things by playing or take advantage for make things that in school period don’t give us time. Also, for start an orthodontic treatment in summer, so your children take advantage of the summer months to get used to orthodontics and will come back to the school without any problem.

Advantages of starting an orthodontic treatment in summer

More facilities for appointments: the initial visits and the placement of orthodontic appliances are usually longer, start an orthodontic treatment in summer is the best moment in order to children don’t miss school or interrupt their activities or homework in the afternoon during the school period. When we are with classes, studies, parent’s work, homework, extracurricular activities… Who has time to schedule an appointment? This is probably one of the reasons for start with the orthodontics in summer.

Start an orthodontic treatment in summer without the concern of miss school or disregard obligations of your children during the year.

More time to get used to orthodontics: this is another reason for star an orthodontic treatment in summer. Sometimes, children and teenagers need few weeks to adapt to the use and care of orthodontics, especially for kids. The mouth takes time to get used to have something new. Go through this adaptation phase during the school year could make braces a little more stressful. However, during summer, children have more time for mastering initial adjustment problems without worrying about their school responsibilities or extracurricular activities.

There is a definite learning curve: adapt to having the appliance at home is easier than at school. Also, the first days could appear pain or nuisance, so in summer, children will pass it quiet at home or even forget it because they are playing with friends.

The process coincides with their growth: Do you know that many children experience accelerated growth periods during summer? Children in summer receiving more sunlight and they synthesize more D vitamin, and, because of that, they generate more secretion of growth hormone. That’s why they come back to school having grown few more centimeters, and not because we don’t see them in 3 months. That means your son’s teeth would have an initial advantage for starting an orthodontics treatment in summer, because teeth will move to the desired position according to the growth of the mouth.

More time to learn about the oral hygiene: have orthodontics means that your sons will pay attention to their oral hygiene. That is important if we want an effective treatment instead of deriving in dental problems like plates or caries because of the difficulty of brushing teeth with brackets. Another benefit of start an orthodontic treatment in summer is that we have additional time to become your son an expert in brushing routine and flossing, before the beginning of school. Use the summer days to teach your son how to brush his teeth properly, also the brushing hours and make it a daily routine. So, when the school period come back with more stress, your son will have the routine of brushing the teeth by himself.

Make Family plans: summer is a good time for spend time with our sons. Also to visit de dentist. You can combine the visits to the dentist with plans like go out and have a dinner or lunch, go to the park or meet with friends and relatives. At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment, your son could feel overwhelmed (some children feel shame using brackets) and in summer we have time to accompany them and encourage them with the treatment.

Moonz, the best children dentist to star an orthodontics treatment in summer

If you want to take advantage of summer to star with the orthodontics for your sons, you have to come to Moonz, a dental clinic specifically for children in our orthodontics treatment and children treatment. Moonz is the children dentist where your sons will forget that they are in the dentist while you have the security that they are receiving an effective orthodontics treatment. Here in Moonz we recommend make the first orthodontics revision at the age of 6 or 7. Maybe you can think that it is a little early, but it allows to detect any future problem and correct it soon. Ask for an appointment and check if your sons need orthodontics, and in that case, take advantage of start an orthodontic treatment in summer. We have clinics in Madrid, Bilbao, Marbella and London. Request an online appointment and come to your nearest Moonz center.

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