Dentist for children or dentist in general?

Children’s dentist or general dentist?

We all know that health is priceless and this includes dental health; For a parent, you know that it is essential that your children keep their teeth in the best condition, but you may wonder which is better, a children’s dentist or a general dentist? At Moonz we are specialists in orthodontics and dental health in children.

Starting at an early age guarantees healthy oral health that lasts a lifetime, but just as there are doctors specialized in children, pediatricians, you also have to choose a children’s dentist, a pediatric dentist.

Children’s teeth are different from those of adults, whether they are baby teeth or permanent teeth have already erupted. A pediatric dentist will be in charge of offering the appropriate treatments according to their age and stage of development, for example, while in an adult a root canal may be required, the most recommended for a minor is a pulpotomy, this for the simple reason that it is extracts the part of the pulp that has suffered damage, but keeping the roots protected.

Children’s oral health: importance of seeing a pediatric dentist

A healthy mouth is not just a matter of genetics, diet or cleaning habits, a lot will also have to do with the type of specialist that is used to take care of the health of children’s teeth.

In this case, prevention is essential, because from the first consultation the children’s dentist will indicate important guidelines to achieve it, such as the way to carry out the routine of cleaning the teeth, the type of toothbrush suitable for the child.

On the other hand, a pediatric dentist will have the appropriate equipment and instruments for the child’s mouth, and must also know the amount of anesthetic to apply, which is not the same as that of an adult.

Early and timely detection of cavities is essential in children, to avoid subsequent and even irreversible dental infections or diseases, in addition to the fact that the child dentist will also detect possible problems with the conformation of the mouth and teeth, for example, at what age recommends the use of braces to correct the bite or crowded teeth.

Through pediatric dentistry, the specialist is the first line of defense to have good oral health and a good development of the child’s dentition.

The alterations are detected in a timely manner and are even corrected before they become something that takes a long time to resolve.

Children’s dentist visit age

However, many parents overlook the dental hygiene of their children or the dental check-ups that they must have with a specialist; They even wait for the little one to start the permanent dentition to take him to the children’s dentist; But what they don’t know is that when that happens, there are already several problems on the way, from cavities to misaligned teeth that make it difficult to even chew.

The right age to take children to the pediatric dentist is one year old and even parents should clean the baby’s mouth beforehand with a damp gauze to prevent milk sugars from causing premature problems.

With a dentist in general, the revision could even be traumatic for the little one, but when it comes to a pediatric dentist, he is specialized in dealing with little ones and will find a way to make the consultation fun.

What the pediatric dentist does in the children’s office

From the first consultation, the children’s dentist will carry out an oral examination, but at the same time, they will also be in charge of a comprehensive review of the teeth.

That is, how they are, if it is expected that there will not be enough space when the permanents sprout, if there is crowding, etc. The children’s dentist will also perform an occlusal examination to detect possible bruxism (teeth grinding) or future bite problems.

On the other hand, the treatment that the children’s dentist offers them is very important, since it must give them confidence and treat them according to their age. Maybe the dentist you go to is very good in his area, but you think he treats your child coldly and distantly, checking him but ignoring him.

A visit to the dentist can cause a lot of fear and uncertainty for children: remember how you felt in your childhood. But when it comes to a pediatric dentist, the focus is on the little ones.

Pediatric dentist: the best dentist for your children

Having a dentist for children also implies that they are up-to-date in their field, for example, that they attend the congresses of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry to learn about the latest in the field.

Remember: dental treatments for children are very different from those for adults, because they are about growing people, the materials used are different too, and even the furniture: it must be according to the child’s height, in addition to It should be a relaxing, fun and reassuring environment.

In Moonz you will find health professionals specialized in children, we have reliable and highly qualified pediatric dentists, we love children and we have the most modern infrastructure and facilities to serve them.

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