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We opened a new MOONZ center in Bilbao

We have moved! We relocated the orthodontic clinic for children in Bilbao at 36 Mª Díaz de Haro street. We opened a new MOONZ center in Bilbao! Of course, this clinic also offers the excellence and specialization of orthodontics in orthopedic stages.

We are proud and happy to present this new center specialized in children’s orthodontics in Bilbao. We started this dream in Madrid years ago, and with 6 centers in Madrid and thanks to the great reception of all our great little patients, this dream has come true.

Discover our clinic

Discover our new clinic specialized in pediatric dentistry and children’s orthodontics. With two floors and almost 300 square meters, where we want the little ones from 6 to 15 years old to feel as comfortable as possible and lose their fear of going to the dentist.

How do we generate security and trust in our children? Very easy! We offer a totally new experience to the smallest of the house, with a lot of closeness in the treatment and with an impressive, very original and fun atmosphere.

We seek the highest quality in treatments and we do it in our centers that are fun and totally focused on children. The treatment will be an unbeatable experience for our children.

In addition, at Moonz we serve all types of public despite being specialized in children’s orthodontics, so you can come as a family and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Moonz.

Magical areas for children

You will discover that our new clinic in Bilbao is full of magical areas for all children. Our centers are fun and focused on the dental health of the little ones. At Moonz we evolve with the children and we are there in every part of the process.

Our clinics are designed with them in mind, that’s why we design them as a 7-year-old would design them and not an adult. At the inauguration of the new clinic in Bilbao, the Councilor for Health declared that: “it is a completely professional and fun medical space, I have never seen such a space.”

We also have the presence of Anne Igartiburu, who assured that for her Moonz is like a family of which she has been part from the beginning, in addition, her children have been Moonz patients for years.

Our new center has a play area, where children sit down to receive their treatment as comfortable as possible, like in a jungle surrounded by fun animals and nature.

Dealing with the little ones is different and always will be since their health is our priority. Remember that children should check their teeth from the age of 7, in this way we can prevent any type of dental malformation through preventive orthodontics.

Come visit us

Get a smile of 10 for your children and visit any of our specialized Moonz clinics! Visit the link to see all the figures who attended our inauguration and what they thought of our new center.

Thanks to all those who have participated in this great expansion, every time we are able to reach more homes and more children in a preventive way so that they can enjoy first-rate oral health from an early age.

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