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10 tips for going back to school

Back to school is here, and this situation can be exciting and stressful. Although we have spent a spectacular vacation with our little ones, going back to school is vital for children, as it helps them develop their brain, connect ...
Tratamientos dentales para niños. Dental treatments for children

Dental treatments for children

Parents are more concerned about their children’s overall and dental health than their own. When it comes to keeping children’s mouths healthy, oral health habits are a must such as brushing three times a day, flossing once a day and ...
Tratamientos de ortodoncia en los niños

Orthodontic treatments for children

Generally, the orthodontic treatment for children is divided in two phases. These phases are independent of each other which makes it possible to achieve the best possible results in children’s dentofacial development. The first phase is an orthopedical or interceptive ...

Back to School with Moonz!

Back to School with Moonz! As you know, it is recommended that a child’s first orthodontist visit should be by age 7. Therefore during this month of September Moonz will give your children an orthodontic check-up without any cost! We ...