Primera visita al dentista. First orthodontic check-up for children

First orthodontic check-up for children

Most parents think they should wait until their child reaches his teenage years before visiting the orthodontist for the first time as braces are often associated with puberty. In reality, it is recommended to begin much sooner with the orthodontic ...

Pediatric Dentistry

“A smile is for life” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times. As responsible adults, we usually pay attention to our dental hygiene, brush and floss frequently. When we have kids, we may not be as strict with oral ...
Tratamientos dentales para niños. Dental treatments for children

Dental treatments for children

Parents are more concerned about their children’s overall and dental health than their own. When it comes to keeping children’s mouths healthy, oral health habits are a must such as brushing three times a day, flossing once a day and ...
Importancia del flúor en los niños. Importance of fluoride for children

Importance of fluoride for children

Fortunately, there are many parents who are worried about their kids´ dental health. They make sure that their kids maintain correct hygienic habits on a daily basis. The first thing to take into account is to instill the responsibility for ...

Back to School with Moonz!

Back to School with Moonz! As you know, it is recommended that a child’s first orthodontist visit should be by age 7. Therefore during this month of September Moonz will give your children an orthodontic check-up without any cost! We ...